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Senior Software Engineer

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Our team is looking for a Sr Software Engineer to build and deploy powerful web applications for our clients. Double Nines works with large companies, startups, and agencies. The successful candidate will develop new features and functionality and web services for a growing web platform, native applications, and data reporting structure.

Software Engineers use modern tools and techniques to empower the front-end teams with new features and capabilities for the platform. Theyโ€™re experts in back-end and front-end technology stacks, frameworks, and libraries and have a thorough understanding of building web services in traditional server environments, as well as modern serverless infrastructures. They are contributing members of the application engineering team, and partners with the front-end, QA, and product teams.


  • Attend daily meetings / Summarize work completed/daily targets/blockers

  • Write and design clean and maintainable code following the organization standards

  • Write unit and integration tests

  • Profile applications and databases looking for optimizations and performance bottlenecks

  • Create branches and pull requests to deliver the features as well as collaborate on code reviews

  • Prepare PoCs for features that require validation and/or experimentation

  • Write technical documentation when required to complement the code delivered

  • Manage JIRA tickets appropriately and without supervision

  • Configure local/stage/prod environments based in AWS/Docker/etc.

  • Collaborate in the DevOps activities (IaC, CI/CD, AWS, etc.)


  • 7-10+ years of application engineering experience

  • Computer Science degree or equivalent experience with complex engineering principles

  • Good English communication skills both verbal and writing

  • Experience working remotely with fully distributed teams

  • Proactive / responsible / self-motivated person able to work with minimal supervision on dynamic environments

  • Goal oriented able to commit on deliverables to be completed as well as quickly escalate problems to the managers

  • Good time management skills to plan the execution of the assigned tickets along the sprint (timeline)

  • Experience in system design, architecture, patterns

  • Experience with pull requests, review, comments, branching strategies and git

  • Solid experience with NodeJS/TypeScript both on FE and BE

  • Experience working with both SQL and No-SQL databases (MongoDB a big plus)

Bonus Points

  • Familiarity with Deploy Automation, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment processes and tools

  • Working knowledge of Unit Testing and Test Driven Development

  • Experience with server-side programming languages

  • Mobile web development skills

  • Experience with modern frameworks including: grunt, mint, angular, react, node, d3, three.js

Technology Stack

  • Typescript

  • NodeJS, using frameworks such as Nest, Express, etc

  • ReactJS, using GraphQL, Mobx, etc

  • MongoDB, Big Query, Snowflake

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Joseph Corr

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Remote restrictions

  • Workday must overlap by at least 8 hours with Miami, FL, USA